Haze Away

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Prevent & Remove Grout Haze

  • Grout Haze Remover & Inhibitor

  • Cleans and Helps Inhibit Grout Haze

  • Makes Grout Clean Up Process Easy & Simple

  • Helps Remove Existing Light Grout Haze and Latex Film

  • Prevent Grout Haze & Latex Grout Film Forming on Stone & Tile

  • Ideal for Cementitious Grout, Latex Modified Grout & Epoxy Grout

Recommended for
Natural Stone • Masonry • Concrete and more.

Available in

  • 1 Litre

  • 4 Litre


Haze Away™ is a non acidic grout haze inhibitor grout haze remover. An ideal problem solver formulated to simplify the grout clean up process. Helps to prevent grout haze from cement based, latex modified & epoxy grout. Helps prevent grout latex film from forming on stone & tile surfaces. Can also be used to remove existing grout haze & latex film within 10 days of grouting. USE: For preventing grout haze and to remove grout haze from encaustic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, tessellated tiles, natural stone.