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Premium Glass and Shower Tile Sealer

  • Easy to use, spray and wipe dry
  • Inhibits grime and soap scum build up on tiles
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance for glass, mirrors
  • For indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial use

AquaShield+ utilises the latest NanoPlus Coating Technology to provide excellent protection against build-up of soap scum, dirt, hard water & lime scaling For use on all glass surfaces including Shower Screens, Glass Splash backs, Mirrors, Outdoor Windows, Automotive Windshields, Glass Roofs etc. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas. (NOT for floor use.)

Recommended for
Shower Screens • Glass Splashbacks • Mirrors • Outdoor Windows • Automotive Windshields • Glass Roofs etc

Available in

  • 125mL


EzyClean+ for routine, everyday cleaning & disinfecting;

XtremeClean+ for heavy duty cleaning & disinfecting;

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